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Music, professor!

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June 4, 2010
The Hard Day at Work Episode

For those who labor with back, brain, or both. Songs about the nine-to-five, the squirrel cage, the treadmill, the daily grind, the rat race.

Download here.

The Office Theme

Work Work Work
BW & The Next Edition
7" Promo

This Fucking Job
The Drive-By Truckers
The Big To-Do

Working On The Railroad
The Band of Blacky Ranchette
Still Lookin' Good To Me

Lou Reed + John Cale
Songs For Drella

9 To 5/Eple
Dolly Parton/Röyksopp
As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2

She Works Hard For The Money
Donna Summer
Endless Summer

On the Way to Work
Hutch And Kathy
Hutch And Kathy

Step Into My Office, Baby
Belle & Sebastian
Step Into My Office, Baby

The Temp Worker
The Speakers
Yeats is Greats

9 to 5
Lady Sovereign
Public Warning

Work Song
Nellie McKay
Get Away From Me

Troubled Hubble

Bad Day At The Office
Tony Gage

Love & Work
Songs: Ohia
Axxess & Ace

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I will be a good older person.

The Bay City Rollers with Ann-Margaret a few decades ago.
* * *
I've long wanted to go to Iceland. And I am easily manipulated by music and beauty....

("Jungle Drum" by the lovely Emiliana Torrini from her last record, Me and Armini.)

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Around this time, Pelletier and Espinoza, worried about the current state of their mutual lover, had two long conversations on the phone.

Pelletier made the first call, which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes. The second was made three days later by Espinoza and lasted two hours and fifteen minutes. After they'd been talking for an hour and half, Pelletier told Espinoza to hang up, the call would be expensive and he'd call right back, but Espinoza firmly refused.

The first conversation began awkwardly, although Espinoza had been expecting Pelletier's call, as if both men found it difficult to say what sooner or later they would have to say. The first twenty minutes were tragic in tone, with the word fate used ten times and the word friendship twenty-four times. Liz Norton's name was spoken fifty times, nine of them in vain. The word Paris was said seven times, Madrid, eight. The word love was spoken twice, once by each man. The word horror was spoken six times and the word happiness once (by Espinoza). The word solution was said twelve times. The word solipsism seven times. The word euphemism ten times. The word category, in the singular and the plural, nine times. The word structuralism once (Pelletier). The term American literature three times. The words dinner or eating or breakfast or sandwich nineteen times. The words eyes or hands or hair fourteen times. Then the conversation proceeded more smoothly. Pelletier told Espinoza a joke in German and Espinoza laughed, wrapped up in the waves or whatever it was that linked their voices and ears across the dark fields and the wind and the snow of the Pyrenees and the rivers and the lonely roads and the separate and interminable suburbs surrounding Paris and Madrid.

—Roberto Bolaño, 2666

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May 28, 2010
The Rock and a Hard Place Episode

The earth has a billion hearts and each can crush us.

Download here.

Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
Johnny Cash
American III: Solitary Man

I Am A Rock
Red House Painters
Red House Painters

Skimming Stones
G.O.O.F. and Nils Folke Valdemar

Roll Plymouth Rock
Brian Wilson

God Gave A Stone
Iron & Wine
Session I

Rock of Ages
Gillian Welch
Hell Among the Yearlings

Stone Alone
The Super Friendz
Mock Up-Scale Down

A4 (I got a Rock)
Kid Koala
First Mix Tape

Sticks and Stones
Ray Charles
The Definitive Ray Charles

Sacred Stones
Sheila Chandra
Weaving My Ancestors' Voices

Rock Of Ages
No Wait Wait
No Wait Wait

Wet Stones At Both My Sides
Viking Moses

We Want A Rock
They Might Be Giants

Skipping Stones
Look Look
Sex, Guns, and Rock 'n' Roll

Song Of The Rocks
Marais & Miranda
Nature Songs

Loves Me Like A Rock
Paul Simon
Shining Like A National Guitar

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May 14, 2010
The Graduation Episode

Summa cum laude, baby!

Download here.

Graduation Day is Here
My Insurance Man
My Insurance Man

College Life
Pat Greene

Of Montreal
Micro-University 7"

The Hero Is A Graduate
Mumblin' Deaf Ro
Señor, My Friend...

Brendan Boogie Band
Disposable Pop

Advice To The Graduate
Silver Jews
Starlite Walker

Matt the Electrician
Animal Boy

The University of Illest-Noize
Zinc Finger and the Major Groove
The University of Illest-Noize

I Love College
Asher Roth
I Love College Single

I Wish I Could Go Back to College
Avenue Q Cast
Avenue Q

College Kids
Relient K
Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

NTW Soundtracks 1969

College Town Boy
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
A Brush With Velvet

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
Baz Luhrmann
Romeo & Juliet OST

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May 7, 2010
The Truth & Lies Episode

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Download here.


Is It True
T. Rex
A Wizard, A True Star

It's True
New Buffalo
Somewhere, Anywhere

Love Is No Big Truth
Kings Of Convenience
Riot On An Empty Street

His Truth Is Marching On
Mike Doughty
Smofe + Smang - Live in Minneapolis

What Is Truth
Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash

Let's Call It The Truth
Corrina Repp
I Take On Your Days

Too Good to Be True
Mighty Mike Lenaburg
Eccentric Soul

True Freedom
Eef Barzelay
Lose Big

True Intentions
Sarah Blasko
The Overture and the Underscore


Lies Lies Lies
Brenda & The Tabulations
Right On The Tip Of My Tongue

Country Teasers
Satan Is Real Again

Lies Are Much More Fun
The Grates
Gravity Won't Get You High

Telling Lies Will Get You Nowhere
The Natural History
Beat Beat Heartbeat

Finished With Lies
They Might Be Giants
Mink Car

Lies, Ties and Battlefields
Young and Sexy
Stand Up for Your Mother

Ain't No Lie
His Name is Alive
Emergency LP

Lie to Me
Tom Waits
Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Don't Love the Liar
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice
Gipsy Freedom

* * *

April 16, 2010
The Everything Changes Episode

United we stand, divided we still stand.

Download here.

Let's Break Up For A While
The Sapphires
Saint Etienne Present Songs For Mario's Cafe

Breakin' Up
Rilo Kiley
Under The Blacklight

Seu Jorge
The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

Without Change
Leafcutter John
The Sky is Darker Than the Road

Break Up the Family
Viva Hate

Grounds for Divorce
Wolf Parade
Second EP

Everything Changed
John Vanderslice
Time Travel Is Lonely

The Break Up
The Trouble With Sweeney
I Know You Destroy

You Can Count On Change
Hutch And Kathy
Hutch And Kathy

We Break Up And Watch The Angels Swim
Dave Fischoff
The Ox & The Rainbow

Everything Must Change
Nina Simone

Breaking It Up
Lykke Li
Youth Novels

Change Is Hard
She & Him
Volume One

Ode to Divorce
Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

No Children
The Mountain Goats

Everything Changes
Discover America

* * *

April 9, 2010
The Filthy Lucre Episode

"Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody."
—Benjamin Franklin

Download here.

If You Got The Money
Jamie T.
Panic Prevention

For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
Belle & Sebastian
The Life Pursuit

The Money Song (Hard-Fi vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Flying Lizards vs. Abba vs. Jay-Z)
Best of Bootie 2006

Money Runner
Qunicy Jones

Penny On The Train Track
Ben Kweller
Ben Kweller

One More Dollar
Gillian Welch

Man with Money
Jorma Whittaker
Jorma Whittaker

For A Few Dollars More
Man Chau Po Orchestra
Teen Dance Music From China And Malaysia

Jesca Hoop

Million Man Money Hand
Page France
Pear EP

The Price I Pay
Billy Bragg
Workers Playtime

The One Dollar Thought
Jens Lekman
You Deserve Someone Better Than A Bum Like Me

Throw Some Money At It
Black Lipstick
Sincerely, Black Lipstick

Coin-Operated Boy
The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls

Dolla Dolla Bill
Nate Dogg
Waist Deep

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